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Sample Restaurant Site

This website is for a fictitious vegan restaurant. Imagine all your content, your color scheme, images and links to your social media platforms. You can have the blog and the shop or not. We can add other pages like menus and media. Note how vital high quality images are in making a site look fantastic.

Sample 4 Page Website

This sample site is tailored for an alternative, holistic veterinary theme.  It can be adapted for any brick and mortar business. Envision your business. Picture your content.

Sample Brick + Mortar Site

This 4 page site is for a fictitious juice bar. If you have a brick-and-mortar business consider this template. Picture your images, your content and color scheme plus links to your thriving social media platforms.

Sample Blog Layout

Imagine your artwork. Imagine your blog posts helping others learn how to become more creative. A shop can be added to your blog to monotize your work.

Sample Website

This simple one page site is a non-profit ocean theme.  Sections can be expanded into full pages for a larger or more complex non-profit.

One Page Sample Website

This site is tailored for a service business, in this case an organic gardening service. Again, sections can be expanded into full pages where necessary for a larger or more complex business.

Sample 1 page Website

This one page site is tailored for a non-profit theme. Sections can be expanded into full pages. Use it to inform the public, raise money and increase awareness about the animal issue you are working on. Imagine your cause. Imagine your content. Click on the laptop image.

Sample Blog Layout

Imagine your content and your images in place of those in this blog about aspects of the natural world.

Sample Website

Use the layout and these images in this sample website to get inspired, to imagine your work. We’ve included a basic e-commerce shop for you to start to see the possibilities of what can be done for you.

Sample Blog

Imagine your writing, images, color scheme and social media links all laid out in this beautiful design. The blog layout can be adapted for longer articles or newsletters. Make it yours.

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