Website and Blog Design

Tailored Help for Creating a Digital Presence

Here at 360 we feel the most fruitful partnerships spring from shared interests. So we specialize in a few areas for our design work. We love to work with artistic people, folks helping animals, businesses and individuals in the holistic and alternative health field and those working toward a less toxic world. Click on the icons in the images below to look at our sample templates.  Jump around from topic to topic if you don’t see what you like at first. Imagine your content on each site. These are starting points. You may like the contact form on one site, the header on another, the testimonials layout on yet another.  Mix and match.  Or we can begin from scratch.

Blogs and Websites We Want to Build for You

Sites for Animal Helpers

There are so many animal issues crying out for attention that it gets more than just a little overwhelming. If you’re a voice working to improve animal’s lives then you need a website or a blog to reach like-minded people who will help you. We’ll design the site so you can focus helping animals have safer, healthier, more peaceful and enjoyable lives. Click the icon to visit our templates and get those ideas flowing.

Sites for Health Lovers

Website and blog design is all the more effective when the designer loves the topic. We at 360 have had a lifelong interest in health and nutrition. Holistic and alternative healing modalities light us up. We really enjoy helping businesses who focus in these areas. Click on the icon above and look at our templates to get your website imagination going.

Sites for the Environment

The litany of issues we have with our health are of course to a great degree rooted in the poisoning of our environment. To be interested in health and the welfare of all who call this planet home is to be concerned about the planet itself. If you are working to correct any of the seemingly endless catalogue of imbalances we are living with and you need a website we’d really love to work with you.

Sites for Makers and Creatives

Creativity springs from us all and in many forms. Whether through a paintbrush, a pencil, a camera lens, on a potter’s wheel, with your knitting needles or any other medium, you are probably making things people will enjoy. And you have gathered a body of knowledge that could help others become more creative. Let’s get your website, blog or E-Commerce site up and running. Click on the icon above for some sample templates to get your creative sparks flying.