Website and Blog Design

Spreading Your Messages of Health

We at 360VisualSolutions have had a lifelong interest in learning about health and nutrition as well as alternative and holistic medicine. To combine this with our new website and blog design business is for us, and we hope for you, a perfect match. Take a look at our templates. We can start with one of these, substituting all your colors, images and copy or begin with a totally clean slate and build from scratch. Below the templates, hit the green button. We’re looking forward to working with you.


Sample Website - Eat Plants

This 4 page site is for a fictitious raw, organic, plants-only juice bar. This template can be used for any brick and mortar business.

Sample Site - Practitioner

This is a variation on the Brick and Mortar site template. Here a veterinarian clinic is featured. Use and tweak this sample layout for any alternative practice for animals or humans.

Website for a Service

This service site is built around a fictitious organic gardening business and can be adapted as a one or multi page site for your health related service.