Websites and Blog Design for Earth

Spreading your Message of Healing the Planet

This planet has a lot of giant problems. We don’t need to list them.

You have solutions.

We want to build your site and help you help the planet.

We’ve got some templates. Look around to help get your ideas flowing.

Or just shoot us an email and let’s start talking, designing and fixing this mess.


Sample Website

This simple one page site is a non-profit ocean theme.  Sections can be expanded into full pages for a larger or more complex non-profit.

One Page Sample Website

This site is tailored for a service business, in this case an organic gardening service. Again, sections can be expanded into full pages where necessary for a larger or more complex business.

Sample Brick+Mortar Layout

Imagine your text and your images in this fictitious plant based, organic juice bar website. If you have a store, a restaurant or any outlet that steers the public away from food production that poisons the environment consider this template or portions within it.

Sample Blog Layout

Imagine your content and your images in place of those in this blog about aspects of the natural world.