A cookie is a small file which websites send out to the device of the user or visitor (you). The cookie asks for permission to be placed on the user’s hard drive. The cookie’s purpose is to provide the user with an improved experience the next time they visit the same website and will recognize the user and to a degree provide the user with a customized experience. The cookie remembers where you went and what you did while on the site. For example, if you bought something and entered your purchasing data it will be able to pull that up faster if you have a cookie from the site on your hard drive. It will also remember your browsing habits on a website and will speed things up the next time you visit.

Cookies can also provide user habits for analysis by owners of websites enabling them to improve the usability and functionality of their websites. uses Performance and Functionality cookies. You will see a thin banner when you first visit our site that will enable you to accept or decline our cookies. Things may be a little slower if you decline but everything should work. If you wish to decline cookie acceptance you can also go into your browser settings and block cookies or delete cookies.